Why The Carousel Ride Is the "Eternal" Classic in the Playground?

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What is Fairground Carousel?

A carousel ride is also called amusement park carousel or fairground carousel, or merry go round, which is a traditional fairground ride consisting of a rotating circular platform with seats for riders. The "seats" are traditionally in the form of rows of wooden horses or other animals mounted on posts, many of which are moved up and down by gears to simulate galloping, to the accompaniment of looped circus music.

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Why the Carousel Is a Classic Amusement Park Rides?

In every amusement park, fairgrounds, carnivals, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, and so on, we can see the figure of fairground carousel. I have to say that it has become a kind of “sign” for amusement parks. Even many playground logos are marked with merry go round or carousels! There is no doubt that the fairground carousel is widely recognized as one of the most popular and welcome amusement rides. When many people talk about the amusement parks, perhaps, the carousel fairground rides will firstly come to your mind the, just like the pirate ship ride, spinning gravity ride, pendulum swing rides, swing chair rides, trackless trains, Ferris wheel, tower ride, bumper cars, roller coaster, teacup rides, etc.

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Why Carousels Are So Attractive?

1.Beautiful Appearance
Beautiful in appearance and colorful in color, it is an amusement ride suitable for people of all ages. After the rides start, the fairground carousel rotates gradually, and the horse on the carousel ride moves up and down accordingly, giving the rider a feeling of riding like a horse. It is a traditional horse-riding amusement equipment. Passengers sit on the undulating horses as if riding horses on the grassland as if the surrounding scenery has a panoramic view. At night, gorgeous lighting is turned on, which is more magnificent.
2.Not limited by Season and Venue
The design is simple, the price is low, with music. Luxury carousel rides are non-irritating rides, and their beautiful appearance and wonderful music are part of their appeal. Not only is not limited by the age group, but also has no restrictions on the season, unlike the water equipment, it is mainly used in summer, and the inflatable products are mainly used in spring and autumn, and are restricted by operating hours. It can be operated in all seasons, either indoors or outdoors.
3.The beautiful Meaning of Love
Carousel scenes appear in many TV series and movies, which is one of the reasons why many people like carousels in playground equipment. Only tourists have an impression, then they will try it. This is a natural curiosity, and the carousel is not restricted by the age group. Some people say that the carousel is a love game that witnesses two people in love. As long as two people in love are sitting on the carousel at the same time, the carousel will take them to a perfect paradise and their love will last forever.

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 amusement park carousel for sale-amusement park rides

What Are the Specifications of the Carousel?

There are various types of fairground carousel rides according to the specifications. You can find 3 horses, 6 horses, 12 horses, 16 horses, 22 horses, 24 horses, 36 horses, 48 horses, etc. Our amusement park carousel can be customized according to different themes to meet the needs of different customers, among which the most popular are carousels of different types and sizes. More importantly, the fairground carousel is always a combination of classic carousels and popular cartoon characters and is popular with many children, such as marine animals, fairy tales, Disney, underwater, nursery rhymes, cute sheep and big wolf and other cute animal animals.

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Leading Fairground Carousel Manufacturer – Jason Amusement Equipment

Jason amusement equipment is a professional and reliable amusement park rides manufacture who can provide various amusement park equipment with high quality and best service. We have 10 years experience in designing, developing, producing, and selling of amusement rides. The fairground carousel is one of our best-selling products. With high quality and reliable service, Jason amusement carousel has been exported to many countries. And our merry go rounds have received many good feedback from our clients all over the world. If you are interested in Jason fairground carousel, welcome contact us. We are looking forward to the cooperation with you!


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