8 Tips Help You to Choose A Cost-effective Fairground Carousel

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How to Choose A Carousel Ride?

A merry-go-round ride is a rotating amusement park ride consisting of a round platform with horse-shaped seats for players. The fairground carousel will spin up and down with beautiful music. Both adults and children love this romantic and interesting device. Therefore, it is very common in amusement parks, theme parks, supermarkets, carnivals, fairs, playgrounds, shopping malls, family entertainment centers, and other places. Especially for carnival businessmen, fair and joyful transfers are a good project for them. In exhibitions and carnivals, owners of carnival carousels can even make a month of profit a day. 


If you are not sure about the fairground carousel you want or how to choose a high-quality merry go round, please consider the following elements carefully before making your final decision.

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1. Firstly, you should consider the invest

Depending on your investment funds, you have three options: simple carousel rides, semi-luxury carousel rides, and large carousel rides. The simple playground carousel does not have a beautiful fiberglass structure and LED lights, but it is easy to transport and disassemble. Therefore, it is cheaper and suitable for investment that lacks funds. The difference between the semi-luxury and large carousel playgrounds is the beauty of the exterior, the appearance and configuration, and the price.

2. Secondly, consider the specific venue use of fairground carousel

Before placing an order, you should know where the carousel ride will be used. For example, would you put it in an outdoor park or indoor amusement park to binge? For outdoor park equipment, high-quality materials must be used because the equipment must be able to withstand changes in sunlight, wind, and any other weather. Don't blindly buy amusement park carousels at too high or too low prices.

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3. Thirdly, you should choose a reliable carousel manufacture

Please choose a reliable carousel ride manufacturer. In the market, many distributors promote their products in the name of direct manufacturers. Therefore, you should not blindly believe what the supplier said. Check production qualification to ensure product quality. If allowed, conduct an on-site inspection of the factory. Then you can know exactly the manufacturer you choose.

4. Fourth, consider whether the integral shape of the fairground carousel is attractive

Carousel rides mainly rely on their beautiful shape, appearance, colorful lights and gorgeous music to attract more people. Therefore, in this way, the overall shape of the playground carousel is very important. No matter how interesting the carousel is, if it can't attract people's attention at a glance, then it will never bring you more customers. Conversely, if the carnival carousel can make people fall in love at first sight, this may make them return for the second and third time, which will help you maintain a stable source of customers.

5. Fifth, the quality of the carnival ride is vital

More and more people are beginning to pay attention to their safety of play. If you want to maintain a stable source of passengers, you must convince passengers of the quality of your carousel ride. Only in this way can they continue to ride on your playground carousel and will bring you more benefits. Therefore, before you place an order, please carefully check the quality of the playground carousel to be sold.

6. Sixth, the motor is also important

The motor is the core of the carousel ride. If the motor is not qualified, when the carousel is full of passengers, the motor may not move. If it is forced to run, it may cause the capacitor to burn out. On the one hand, this will affect the mood of passengers, on the other hand, it may cost you more maintenance costs. Therefore, when buying a playground carousel, you should check the certification of the motor, and always buy a carousel ride from a regular amusement park ride manufacturer or supplier.

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7.Seventh, design of the driving connecting rod is also important

The connecting rod is the second most important part, and the up and down movement of the carousel ride is are all depend on the connecting rod. The function of the connecting rod is to adjust the imbalance rotating carousel ride and then to avoid the snap of the connecting rod. Therefor, the quality of the connecting rod is an important factor for you to consider when choose the fairground carousel.

8. The last, observe the carousel paintings

The amusement park carousel mainly attracts passengers with its beautiful appearance. Therefore, the carousel's paintings should be bright and beautiful. Generally, only automotive paint can achieve long-term gloss. Otherwise, the paint color will fade over time. Therefore, when buying a playground carousel, you should also pay attention to the quality of the paint, which can help you save a lot of maintenance costs.

No matter what you buy, you will never only consider the price. When buying a carousel ride, you must consider your actual situation. In the market, the price of carousel rides with the same configuration will not be much different. Therefore, you should carefully choose a cost-effective fairground carousel. Buy a cost-effective amusement park carousel ride for kids and adults through considerations.


Jason offers a variety of playground carousel rides of various styles and themes for sale. You can buy high-quality carnival carousels from Jason at a bargain price. We know that carousel rides are an automatically controlled playground ride that can be designed in different styles and sizes. Both adults and children love the merry go round carousel. With its beautiful and charming appearance, this ride can always be found in many areas. Such as amusement parks, indoor amusement centers, schools, and outdoor playgrounds. Buying a carousel ride at the venue is a good investment and can bring high profits to your business. If you are looking for a high-quality playground carousel at a reasonable price, please contact us immediately.

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