How Does A Carousel Ride Work?

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What is an amusement park carousel?

The fair carousel is a classic kind of amusement park rides. It is widely recognized as one of the most popular and welcome kids amusement rides in amusement parks, theme parks, fairgrounds, carnivals, indoor or outdoor playgrounds, and so on. As the traditional and rotating amusement rides, it is famous for its excellent quality, attractive appearance, grand decoration, unique and innovative design, comprehensive models, reasonable price, environmental protection, and corrosion resistance. The seat creatures are not only horses, but also peacocks, kangaroos, and other cute animals. At present, the carnival carousel has become a very popular and mobile entertainment ride during festivals and fairs.

What is an amusement park carousel

How does a carousel ride work?

Regarding how the fair carousel works, first of all, you should know that the work type of the carousel ride can be divided into three types: top drive, imitation top drive, and bottom drive. Different types of carnival carousels have different working principles. Among them, the carousel with the top drive is more and more popular. Many customers who come to our factory always ask what is the difference between the top drive and the bottom drive carousel, why are the prices so different? In fact, it is mainly the difference in structure, maintenance, and track.
1. What is the top drive carousel ride?
As the name implies, the top drive fair carousel, gliding device, and gearbox are all located on top of the carousel ride. The most prominent feature of the top drive carnival carousel is that the turntable is relatively low, so during the operation of the carousel ride, the entire device is more stable and stable. Large luxury carousels will give priority to using top drives, for example, the double-decker carousel is using this type of drive.

What is the top drive carousel ride
Another outstanding advantage of this type of merry go round is its long life span, which can be as long as eight to ten years. Moreover, there are many types of carousel rides with top drive, and the chassis is extremely uniform and narrow. However, since this amusement park carousel has higher technical requirements, a more complicated structure, and higher quality requirements for glass fiber reinforced plastics, the price is relatively high.
2. What is the bottom drive carousel ride?
In contrast, the transmission device for the bottom carousel ride is located at the bottom of the merry go round. Although there is not much difference in appearance, it is very different in production technology. The fair carousel with bottom drive has a very prominent advantage, that is, it is very easy to disassemble and transport. Most people can quickly learn how to install and disassemble. Forgoing to the carnival or the organized fairs is very suitable. Therefore, it is relatively cheap and suitable for use in amusement scenes that need to be moved.

What is the bottom drive carousel ride
3. What is imitation top-drive carousel ride?
Besides, to meet the different needs of the amusement equipment market, Jason has made great efforts to develop new carnival carousels. In the end, through unremitting efforts, an amusement park carousel with imitation top transmission was finally designed. This type of merry go round perfectly combines the top drive and the bottom drive, bringing together the outstanding advantages of the two. This can not only meet the beauty and magnificent requirements of the top drive carousel ride but also has very small space restrictions and smooth operation. It is very suitable for large parks, theme parks, amusement parks, squares, fairs, etc. It is easy to operate and the cost is relatively low. It is an ideal choice for most customers.
You can choose the most suitable amusement park carousel according to your site situation and capital investment. The most suitable is the best. Jason supply different kinds of fairground carousels for sale with various styles and themes. If you are looking for a high-quality amusement park carnival at an affordable price, please contact us right now!

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